Today, Software Independence Day

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This day is called software independence day and its come every year on 3rd Saturday of September. People all over world celebrate this day with great zeal. In this day, our expectation to become overall software use commonly for all.

Now a day we are in binding with technology. We depend on technology in every step of our life. Cell phone, computer and internet are great use to us. At present a modern person can't do without computer and internet. It is part and parcel of our daily life today. Early in the morning, we start our day through checking e-mail after switching on computer. Software comes in our mind when think about computer. What software we are using, most of we don't know how it prepare to use, how its works etc. but if we know all about them, we definitely release from extra troubles and can enjoying freedom to use software. When we talk about software independent then we think about freedom of software using, don't we?

We need such software, which instructions are transparent; we change and rearrange when we need from our choice, can also share with friends. Lets we all raise our awareness about the software independence.